Wednesday, June 27, 2007

better coffee?


i am a coffee devotee, a true believer if you will. as such i have devoted a good amount of time investigating all of the various methods of transporting cofffee into the body: esspresso, chocolate covered beans, lattes, mochas, machiatos--- and all of the trendy (and better soon forgotten) concoctions that appear on specials boards in the less discerning coffee shops of the world.
for the record-- coffee should be black, unsweetened, and hot. all else is heresy.

so-- aside from the purchasing of better beans and roasts, and pairing them with an appropriate method of preparation (to drip, or press-- or shall we go turkish?)-- how does one make the most of the best part of the morning?

several items will be needed:
first-- an open, fairly sunny space with decent soil
second-- various tools for loosening said soil, and removing unsightly ornamentals and invasives
third-- a large quantity of healthy happy edible plants

combine these three elements in just the right quantity and sequence and, lo!

the only thing which could improve upon the near perfection of a well brewed coffee-- having a garden to water and tend and observe during the slow and challenging process of waking up. the bitter coffee and sweet smell of basil and marigold and compost go so well together; the slow unfolding of tiny plants into abundance makes me think, "okay, so maybe the morning is not out to get me..." just as the bitter sacrament imparts the strength to face the tasks of the coming day.

forget the steamed milk, soy products, fancy china cups, and heretical flavorings. just plant a morning support group and drink it black.


Chad said...

Eat your yard & drink your bean juice... what a good combination.

Chad said...

Eat your yard & drink your bean juice... what a great combination! :)

Rianna said...

Great work.